Sunday, August 30, 2009

I was so excited to get the fence finished last Sunday.

I scheduled to have Olly trailered from the farm he was staying at on Monday. Who would have known it costs more here to trailer a horse than Hawaii? The lady did have an awesome trailer though. We decided not to electricify the fence because we had two strands of poly-wire and it seemed to be enough.

I got up early the next morning to register my boys for school and then it was off to get my boy. I told the lady that was trailering for me that I would meet her at the stable. Little to my knowledge, from the highway it is almost impossible to find. No GPS or MapQuest would help her. We got a phone call about 45 min late that she was lost. Bobbi, the stable owner, had to go look for her.
Being postponed and hour was a small price to pay to get my big red horse back. It was hot as hell out and by the time we made it back to the house Olly was sweating, just from the trailer ride. Time to order electrolytes. I lead him out of he trailer and let him eat some grass. Just to get used to the area. It is new and Olly and new usually aren't friends.
After a few minutes I throw him in the paddock to get some water and give him some hay. "You are home boy!" I call out to him as I head into the house to get him and apple and some sugar cubes. He doesn't seem that relaxed when I come back out. He is pacing the fence line and neighing at me. Poor boy is lonely. Just coming from a stable that has 30 horses to a house with none.
After watching him for a few minutes we (my husband and I) decided to head out to the neighbors and look for a goat. That might help. We were gone mabye 90 minutes and as we turn down our road husband says there is horse crap on the road! OH NO!!!! I am the only one with a horse on this road, please tell me someone was trail riding...NOPE! As we pull into the drive our wonderful neighbor, whom I have never met before this episode, was standing in our yard watching my horse run the perimeter. GREAT! What a way to be welcomed to the neighborhood. I walked over to Olly and noticed that there was an extra strand of poly-wire wrapped around the top of the posts and find out that he didn't break through the fence, he jumped it.
Our neighbor about 4 houses down offered to throw Olly in with his horses (I found out they had 2 mustangs, nice ones at that)for the night so I could get the fence better prepared. So I grab Olly up and walk him down the road a few houses down.
One of the mustangs was a gorgeous buckskin mare, who was totally a mare. She was ready to put Olly in his place, that is if she could catch him. We got him in the paddock and turned them loose. They ran over a total of 4-5 acres and who would have thought, Olly busted through their 3 stranded hot wire (that wasn't hot). I put his halter on him and try to stop apologizing to the owner for my horse blasting through his fence and walk him back to the smaller paddock away from the mustangs. We decided that seperating them might be the best. So, we closed the gate and let him go meet the mustangs at the fence. Guess what? He jumped the fence to get to the other horses!?? Was I missing something? What the heck is wrong with my horse? I mean, I wanted a jumper but, two 4ft fences in one day!? After trying to figure out what to do with my running fence jumper, I walked back to the house and put him in the stall and nailed 3 2x8's across the door. Has it really come down to this? I had to lock my horse (unsafely at that) in his stall to keep him from taking off. Way to make a mom feel good. But he did stay in.
The next day we were off to TSC to buy more fencing materials. After a bucket of sweat and 2 more strands of poly-wire, this time HOT, my big red horse was able to be in his paddock during the day while I was home. Night time was still in his stall, which we added a nice cattle gate and lock too.

Beverley the Goat to help with anxiety.
Two nights in the stall with lots of turn outs and a small addition, we were able to keep the big red horse safe.

The stall with "Olly" proof gate and 4 strand poly-wire.

Monday, August 17, 2009

New Home

I know I haven't been keeping this thing updated, but I have good reasons. We are now in Virginia. Yes, my olly boy traveled all the way from Hawaii to Va. He Left the day before I did, July 17th. The day startd out by heading to the barn to meet Pris. What a long day this was going to be. I wanted to make sure he was fed and watered before we left, just so I kew he had one good meal before I saw him again in Va. The flight left at 1400. Plenty of time. Just relax. I took my time brushing and getting his shipping boots on. I knew that I wouldn't see him for at least 2 weeks. My heart was breaking. Olly seemed to be sympathetic and let me do all the grooming I wanted. As he finished up he breakfast, I see Pris coming around the corner with the trailer. i tell my hubby good bye, and start worrying again. It is hard to trust anyone, let alone someone you don't even know, take care of your horse. Just like your kids, ya know?
Well, time to move...
As we make our way to the airport, I double check all the papers and numbers. we don't need anything going wrong at this point. Check and check. I look up and what do I see...PacificAirLift plane. We must be there.
We get everything sorted out and it is off to the back where we load. as we pull through the "gate" as if you could call it that, we have to follow all these rules. The biggest one DON'T GO ON THE TARMACK!!! You would think that they have explosives out there. So I am taking in all that is around me and Pris comments, there is the stall he will be riding in. WHAT!! Three horses fit in that? They must be nuts!

I get out of the truck to take a better look at this "stall" they have for my 16.1h TB gelding to fly 5 hours over the ocean in. It was a tight spot. Good thing he is skinny. Go TB's!

Get aload of that ramp!
I am the type of person to 1/2 hear the situation and then bitch. Luckily I stepped out of my comfort zone and listened this time. One horse backed out so there would only be Olly and one other horse in the three "stall" connex. After hearing out all options, I get a NOT friendly "GET YOUR HORSE!!" It must be one of those wonderful airport workers...

Here we go...part of wondered if he would go up that incredibly steep ramp and the other part of me was like my horse is kick ass and he trusts me so let's get this party started.

He walked up that ramp like he owned it! That's my big red horse!!

I was nervous to see my boy fly across the ocean and then bus across 3ooo miles of mainland, and he wasn't worried a bit. I need to take lessons from him.

Off he goes. He made the trip with excellence. No problems and he is now in Va at a stable not far from Ft. Lee. It isn't the best that I would have chosen, but it will do for another few days unitl I finish getting out fence put up.
We have rented a house with 5 acres. The fence will be finished tomorrow and the barn will be here by the weekend.

I am so excited to have my big red horse in my own backyard!