Sunday, December 26, 2010

The ColdRedHorse

You all know of the life fail, well here comes some more. Tuesday morning we got up early to head out to the BigRedHorse's new temporary home. Kelsey's mom has been so gracious to let him hang out with her gang for a few months. It was a nice, long, COLD 12 hour drive. We stopped half way at the Tamarack to get the boys out and walk around. Talk about getting looks. Who sees two huge horses walking around a truck stop parking lot. Ben toughed it out with no blanket and shipping boots. Olly had shipping boots too, only problem, when mom puts the boots on in the dark there is a pretty good chance that one will be put on up-side-down. Whoops. I made the BigRedHorse look retarded. lol. He also had on his winter blanket. We walked and trotted them around to get the blood moving and loaded them back up. Only six more hours to go.
As we drove we watched the temperature drop from 37* (in Va) to 23* (as we crossed the Indiana line). Ugh. I hate winter. We left Va with no snow on the ground and with what we thought were freezing temps. As the sun rose we saw more snow and no sun. Booooo! My boys were loving it. They have been waiting to play in snow (more than a few inches) all winter. The had their winter coats and grandma had boots and gloves waiting for them.
As we pull into Kelsey's my heart got lower and lower in my chest. This is it. This is where he will be staying for MONTHS. My heart was saying ball your eyes out like a little girl, but my mind said, suck it up, you have things to do.I pushed off my feelings for the moment to get the kids handled and all our stuff unloaded.
As Olly stepped off the trailer he was shivering. This didn't look good. Ben was glad to be home. Olly was glad to see new horsey friends. I turned him out and he went straight to the middle of the paddock to roll. Once he laid down he instantly jumped up and shook. This white stuff is Freeeeeezing! He trotted around found the HUGE round bale and took a few bites. I gave him hugs and shifted my attention to my boys and getting them in the car for the rest of the ride.
The BigRedHorse has had new experiences while staying at Kelsey's already. He now knows how to use an automatic water-er, thanks to Ben, and is dealing with a pony that isn't so fond of him. See Fast Track's girlfriend, Karma, is in heat and she chose Olly. The problem, Olly is totally not interested in her. Oh, well. He still has Ben. And there is nothing better than a close friend anytime!
I will be heading back that way to say goodbye to my BigRedHorse on Wednesday. And I would be lying if I didn't say I'm not tearing up now. It will be a rough day, but I will make it through. I will see the BigRedHorse again and that is the only thing that makes me ok with doing all this. I would just die if I had to sell my boy. A few months apart....? I will deal and not complain.

The BigRedHorse at his new home. 
Hopefully no more boo-boo's on the face. The fencing and barn here is in MUCH better condition than the Ft. Eustis barn. And by much better I mean not even comparable at how much better.

Olly, Karma and Ben. 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Why the Slience?? It's because of a life FAIL.

This isn't going to be one of my happiest blogs. honestly, it is one of my saddest.
This summer, while I had the best and most accomplishing times with the BigRedHorse, was one of the biggest fails of my life. My marriage seemed to fall apart. Most of you know that I have three wonderful boys that mean the world to me and the BigRedHorse is just a few steps behind. It all finally fell apart in October. After a long 6 week battle of heart and mind it was made clear that parting ways was the only option. The details are still being worked out, but I am ok with the whole situation.

One detail that has been decided is the BigRedHorse. Now, don't go freaking out. I would never sell my boy. I would sell a kidney on the black market before I would even think that. So, the deal. Olly goes to Indiana to a friends 50 acre farm until I get back from basic and AIT. Then he will go to my duty station. This way I dot have to pay expensive board and rely on a number of people taking care of him. One person, who is incredibly trustworthy and she even owns a mobile spa. He will be in heaven. Fat too.

As for the military, I will be a 68W(MEDDAC) and have no clue where I will be stationed. All that info I will post when I get it. I do know that I will be attending Basic training at Ft. Sill in OK and AIT (advanced individual training) at Ft. Sam Houston in Texas. I leave March 28th 2011.

Any questions? Ask away!!!