Sunday, February 6, 2011

The ColdFatHorse

This just in...a BigRedHorse update. The huge Midwest Blizzard seem to have missed the BRH. He is the luckiest horse in the world. My Mom lives just three hours north of where he is being kept and shoveled 18" of snow in one day. The temp were in the negatives. FAIL.

Mom's car. Nice.

Grandma's house

Mom's back porch...sad, just sad.

The same day we were enjoying 69* temps. I'd like to day I wasn't rubbing it in, but I'd kinda be lying. Don't worry the very next day it was a high of 38*, God keeps my cockiness in check....

Don't worry the "messege" is due to a tire sensor. I have it handled.

I miss my BigRedHorse so much. I keep watching and re-watching our videos on YouTube thinking of how much fun it will be to work on our fitness when we reuinte. You know I am gonna be out of shape too.
I went with a friend to her barn last weekend to ride her horse. He is a great all around, dead broke Arab that anyone can ride. I made a few rounds and let the boys ride too. We ended up working with another pony at the barn, which I swear is a Halflingr, but she said he is a Corolla pony. She said he was removed from his herd becasue he was too fiendly and it was causing problems with him and innocent bystanders lol. She has been working with him doing ground work and hadn't been on his back. What time better, than the present? Get on!!! We saddled him up and threw a rope halter on him and started lunging. A few times around each way. He is still rusty. He's four and very immature. After he was calm she hopped on. NOTHING. Good boy!!!!

PenniLynn and I can't remember his name for the life of me.

Who bets money he's a halflinger?? Anyone??
Oh, and FYI she is only 5 foot NOTHING!!!

I lead and she sat. Just walking of course. He did great. My boys were playing on a nearby playground and it didn't even phase him. He has pretty good conformation, not excellent, but good enough for him to do lower level Dressage and maybe even some jumping. I wish I were smaller so I could work with him and show him. He has such a great attitude. Now, mind you, he is a pony, so I expect a bit of attitude surfacing at some point. Saturday, the attitude was surpressed, I suspect mainly to confusion. WTH is this person doing on my back?? Wait until we actually ask him to work. Hehehe. I can't wait.

It was nice to be around horses again. It made me happy to see them, smell them ,and touch them. It's in my blood. BUT nothing will fill the void of my BigRedHorse.
I leave March 28th. I won't be able to see my boy before I leave for six months. I do, however, intend on bringing him wherever I am A.S.A.P. I just want to hug him.