Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ummmmm....Cross Country???

Yesterday morning the weather was sooooo nice I had to head out to the barn. I packed up the boys with thier lunches, and their bikes and we were out the door. I had tons planned. First I was gonna ride Diesel. It had been a week since I graced myself with his fatness. Then, it was bath time for the BigRedHorse. After that it was home to make dinner and then back out ot the barn for some more Olly time.
I walked down to the fatty stall where Diesel stays. he is a good boy...just a little green.
for some reason the last two times I have ridden the painted trouble he has been totally not o.k. with being saddled. He has been using his big ass to push me around. I, mean, he really has learned to swing that thing. So, big tricolor ass vs. me and a barrel racing crop...who do you think won?

It took me 10 minutes just to get the saddle on, but me of course!
He wasn't too fond of the cantering, you can see in the video where he bucks a few times. I tried like hell to get him to take his right lead, but after 15 minutes of him sweating his tricolor butt off, i gave in. My legs were tired from all the "aids."
I did give him some love and hosed him off for his efforts and put him back in his stall. on the way back out I grabbed Olly and the hose for a bath.
Olly always likes getting a bath. He loves the water and nothing beats a great rubber mitted massage, who cares if there is shampoo on it?? I enjoyed the alone time with my boy and after he was spotless, I threw on his fly sheet until I came back that night for our ride.
I was getting ready to leave the house to head back to the barn and I text Tif about our riding plans. We had decided that we were going to take all the jumps and put them in our nicely mowed mini field. I barely got out of the truck and I turned to see If kicking one of the barrels my way. I hopped back in thr truck and Pulled into the arena next to her. Let's load'er up. We pack in EVERY SINGLE JUMP. My truck was loaded down. I should have taken a pic. We planned carefully (lol) where we were going to put our jumps, let's just say neither one of us are going to be course designers in the near future.
Time to saddle.
Now, lately, I haven't been tying Olly to the hitching post because he always freaks out when he feels the halter get tight. I decided to just wrap the lead around the post. It had been working. So, when he pulls back it slips and he calms. No big deal.....unless...
This is what happenes EVERY TIME I tie him....

...the rope gets tangled and he freaks out to the point of maxing the halter. After a few minutes, I convinced him to give some slack and I untied the rope halter.
So next was to finish saddling and get the fly spray on. Now, I normally spary him BEFORE I saddle just to make life easier, but he was being good and the flies weren't that bad. I readched down to make sure the his boots were on and he decided to swing his him leg to swat a fly and clipped me in the leg. OUCH!!! I instantly made him aware that you just can kick around when I am that close. He needs to pay attention to where his feet are.


Time to ride. We started out warming up and checking out all the jumps. I could tell already he was going to have a problem with his leads. He has been pretty good with his leads up until recently. Tif said it may be because of his weight gain. It might be throwing his balance off. So, that's what I am going with. It makes sense in other ways too. I have been having to hold him more for his spots and really working to get him on to the correct leads. Even when I break to do a simple he misses. Back to the basics. Just when I thought we were gonna be able to move on. Oh, well. I would rather have to back up and work on it than him stay under weight. I did get the video of the xc course.

Here is Tif. She had an awesome ride with her boy.

And we also got Kelsey, the barrel racer, to ride...she will come around one day!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ridin' Solo

And I don't mean Solo, I mean solo. lol Yesterday I went to the barn early. I have been getting sass from Husband for spending so much time with the BigRedHorse. I mean look at my boy...who wouldn't want to spend that much time with him?? Oh, well...he (meaning Husband) will live.
It was suppose to be our re-match on our grassy track, but once I got to the barn Kelsey text me and informed me she had a terrible headache and was gonna medicate and hit the hay. Tif was there shortly after. I think Tif would show up if she were missing an arm and had to use a tournique until she was finished riding, and then head to the hospital. While Tif mucked I set up a few jumps. The weather was wayyyyy cooler than the past few had been. I fabircated 4 bounces and a one stride in a line. I also had a 2'6" ramped oxer with a 2'6" spread, my mini coop and a skinny barrel with pylons next to it.

Bounces and a one stride

Ramped oxer

The barrel skinny

Just as we get saddled and into the arena Tif's phone rings. Of course she used her hands-free...lmfao...and was really excited about something. Come to find out that Tif will put her riding on hold to go get her new 2010 truck. Totally understandable!!

She asked if I would like to ride along. Now, I am all for fun time and new cars and friends, but I did want to ride and I had a time limit. I was gonna make it home by 1900 to get brownie points with Husband. I stayed behind. So, I was ridin' solo. Had I remembered my camera and took video, that would have been  perfect song to put with it! Dang it!!

Olly seemed kinda mopey and was not feeling losing his friend. We started out warming up in both directions. Then we took our little log jump and I made a GOOD effort to make him take his right lead. The BigRedHorse isn't that great on his right. He landed perfectly. Now, I don't know if this is just me or what, but I find it easier to get him to land correctly than to land and change. I circled around and took the skinny barrel. He was starting to wake up. We did a cool off lap and went for the log again. This time, left lead. In order to make the turn to the left it would be a roll back and for those of you who watched the roll-back video, you may be cringing right now. lol I prepared him to land correctly because it was so close to the arena railing I wouldn't have time (at this stage of our training) to change. He landed it and turned awesomely. We canter a few strides and at the last second I made a sharp turn to theleft (almost 90*) and took themini coop. I saw what was gonna happen and I tried to fix it but Olly wasn't focusing quickly enough. **back to Lucinda** was what I was thinking. MAKE SURE YOUR HORSE SEE'S THE JUMP. Welllll I could tell he had no idea that mini coop was about to jump out in front of him. I picked his head up, started the turn as far back as I could , without throwing off his balance, and gave him a half-halt. The ADD having BigRedHorse still didn't see it, which I was prepared for. He bunny hopped the corner of it and if I could see his face from where I saw sitting, I'm sure it would have had an "oh, shit!" look on it. I gave him a cool off lap and we did the exact thing again. This time though I made the turn into the mini coop a little late, just so I would have the -focus on mom and not on what you THINK we are doing. He approached the coop better and not so surprised, but it wasn't perfect. Cool off lap, and again. The third time was great, although he knew what exactly what we were doing. Next, lesson we are gonna practice on "seeing" the jump.
On to the bounces. We ran through them once and decided  to remove the fourth bounce. I had wanted to set them at 9 feet apart, but Tif said that they were closer to 10. The last bounce to the one stride was a bit too long and the crappy standard was way unstable, so I just removed it. We did the line a few times and were finished. He was getting better at his leads, which was a relief.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Earlier in the week I promised Husband that I would take the weekend off from riding and spend some time with the family. See our weekday schedule goes something like this...
Monday thru Friday Husband gets up at 0500 to got to PT. I get up with the kids around 08-0900. The kids and I spend time doing fun and active projects. We go to the barn and play "Army guys," or go to the pool, or just do some crafts. Husband gets home at 1700. We have a family dinner and I go off to ride until 2000. When I get back home I put the kids in bed, since Husband is tired and ready to hit the hay himself, and after everyone is asleep I go for a run. So, see there leaves hardly any family time for the family as a whole. This weekend is family time. Now that we have that outta the way....
I still had to go to the barn and muck. Since the river is right across the road, Husband dropped me off and he took the kids. I ran inside the barn and grabbed the mucking "tools." While walking-briskly-I saw my boy in the paddock...he was way out there but I called to him anyway. He whinnied and went back to eating. I got the job done in just a few minutes. I also had to do a friends stall, but he is waaaaay cleaner than Olly. So on my way out I look up and there is Olly standing right at the fence. I couldn't just walk by. So I went to give him a hug. When I get closer he is panting like he had been running. Now, I know he was out in the paddock, but he is pretty fit and I wouldn't expect him to be winded that much. I do, however, think the heat played a huge role.

I snapped this pic at the local Walgreens today...

I grabbed the hose and started soaking. He was in heaven! I was on one side of the fence and I was on the other. I will let the pictures explain...

That hit the spot!!

Ooooo down the neck.....

Hold on...I have to itch...


See the

My mom is better than your mom....

Playin' in the puddle...

He was feeling much better.

Another wonderful ride with friends!

As some of you may know, last night was our little comeptition. Kelsey, Tif and I all decided that our horses were faster than each others. We shall let the Garmin decide.
Thursday we all decided to be at the barn at 1600 to ride. Once 1400 rolled around it was still like 97* and to just walk outside made you break in to a soaking death sweat. Of course the texts started flying. We re-scheduled for 1830, when the sun was on it's way down and you could walk outside and only sweat yourself HALF to death.
We started our ride trotting some hills, the horses seemed less competitive than the other may have been the heat. When it came time to make the turn to our grassy "track" we all looked at each other and made the call to take advantage of the MP's being extra busy with a concert that was going on. See, in the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) it says we cannot ride in "common" areas. It specifically states the barracks, commissary and the PX. So we stayed a few...feet...from them lol. It also helps when your barn BFF knows all the MP's....
Anyway, so we make a left turn instead of a right. Let the fun begin!
First stop the baseball diamond...
Sorry Tif about the bra faux-pau

Then, we walk by some companies and you would have thought no one has seen a horse before. The boys were pretty good, no spooking, and they seemed pretty calm and relaxed. Of course, it helps when your rider is having a blast. Next stop was Church's Chicken....

Anyone hungry?
We came across all sorts of things. Caution tape, which Ben was not to thrilled with, sidewalks, huge signs, people yelling and honking horns, but in the end our boys were awesome. Nothing spooked them!
They did take an extra look at a squirrel that had a less than satisfactory tail, or bush as Kelsey put it. We continued on, making sure we did own the whole road, but not wanting to walk on the sidewalk. Soleil actually liked the sidewalk, so much though he kept pushing Olly back onto the grass if he happend to veer over. I guess even horsey BF's get possessive about somethings.
We went as far as the PX, not into the parking lot, but close. We didn't want to push our luck. The main road through Eustis is a divided highway looking road, even though the speed limit is 25mph. We crossed into the HUGE median of grass there. It was actually pretty good for cantering. The traffic is slow and cutrious and the horses were calm. This is where the picture taking took place.

The PX...thank you Kelsey for modeling the PX...

Tif chillin'

Yes, I'm the pirate, Tif's the prude, and Kelsey, well she's just Kelsey...

The most hilarious picture I have ever seen! Tif talking on her "hands-free" device. LMFAO!!!

After we played around, we started getting an audiance from the people that were waiting for a cab and decided it was time to head back. We were losing daylight. We booked it back to the grassy "track" along side the golf course to do our sprints. Since it was dusk, we thought it may not be best to push the boys to their fullest.

The results:
Kelsey and Ben (11yo appendix gelding, barrel racer) top speed 37mph.
Olly and I top speed 32mph
Tif and Soleil (4yo TB gelding, BN eventer) top speed 21mph, now at Tif's defense...Soleil decided to duck towards a telephone pole and that affected their top speed lol.
Group decision-give the horses two days rest and try again on Monday, while it is still daylight.
We made it back to the barn at 2100. The horses were sweaty but cooled enough. We hosed them, gave them some love and turned them out for the night. Another amazing ride with awesome friends. I can't wait to do it again on Monday!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We Did What??!!

Yesterday morning I get a text from Kelsey saying she was gonna be at the barn at 1700. Minutes later I get a text from Tif saying she was puking her guts out, but would still be at the barn to ride around 1730. LOL!
It never ceases to amaze me at how awesome my friends are. I can tell you I have never made friends, in my life, that are quite like the ones I have found in the military. I have only known these two girls for about a month and I feel like we have been friends for years. It almost sucks to have them as friends because I know one day we will be seperated and will only have long-distance relationships with them. For now, I am taking advantage of all the wonderful time I can get. I will truely miss you girls when the time comes.

On to the fun stuff!!
So, like I said the plan was barn @ 1700-1730. The day dragged on. I basically cleaned my house top to bottom, just to occupy my bordom. Fun stuff, right? I took a break around 1400 to go outside and survey the weather. It has been ungodly hot and I was curious. I had been in the air conditioning all day. It wasn't as hot as the day before, but when I looked up I saw this...

My "house" is the one with the bike in front of it...thanks boys!

...heading straight for my house. Now, my house is like 4 miles from the barn. Chances of that sucker hitting us both was pretty good. Just as I am wondering if I should re-evaluate my plan, Kelsey texts me. Of course, she is concerned about the hurricane-esk storm barreling down on us. I told her "Not. To.Worry!" This stuff always blows over and we still have 3 hours before we are even due to be at the barn! Piece of PIE! Amazingly, she trusted me...LOL! After 20 minutes of wind, lightening, and Jesus bowling thunder(that is what I tell my kids), it was over. We hardly even got any rain. The sky cleared up and the plans were never changed...until.
1700 rolls around. I have my breeches, boots, ipod, camera and phone all ready to go. I walk out to the truck and whatta-ya-know the sky is just the same as earlier. I didn't care...this too shall pass. Half way to the barn I start getting texts from Tif and Kelsey. "O.K. weather-girl!! What now?" I was firm believer in the storm blowing over. I think since I have been at this barn we have had like 4-5 storms just blow right over the barn and never interfere with the riding schedule. My luck was about to run out...
I convinced Kelsey that it would be cool. convincing needed. I mean, she was already coming out hopped up on anti-nausea a thunderstorm was stopping her. I turn down the road the barn is to the river. The RIVER had white caps...the RIVER!

Yes, that is the RIVER!
I could feel the wind on the truck and the temperature on my odometer had dropped like 10 degrees. Once I got to the barn I took this pic....

My friend text me reminding me not to die...thanks, I almost forgot! LOL

I decided to sit in the truck and wait it out. Both Kelsey and Tif were on their way. I did, for just a moment open my door to feel the storm...

Windy much??

The heavens opened up and it was one of the biggest storms I have witnessed this year. It didn't last long, but she was a good one. After about 45 minutes we went to get the horses.

It was looking better.

It was still raining, but the sky was no longer black and the winds had died down. For the first time this summer, I thought "man I should have brought my hoddie." It was actually a bit chilly. One day it's 104* and the next I need a jacket...I feel like I am back in Indiana.

He was like, "seriously, mom??"

Luckily, I have my Wintec and you know what that means, synethtic. That makes cleaning easier from the rain. I took off all my electronics, lol, and saddled up. We were gonna trot some hills...

This was BEFORE the ride...LOL!
I couldn't part with my camera I tucked it way down into my leather tall boots and we were off! We didn't even make it out of the drive and we were already soaked. We were a sight for sore eyes. Clinging shirts, pathetic looking horses, make-up running, with the wind blowing. I am sure EVERY car that passed was thinking W.T.H.??? I am telling you it was the funnest ride I have ever been on! We started out on the hills...and as I'm sure everyone could forsee this (because we actually didn't) wet hills+trotting=retarded riders. What were we thinking? Obviously when we attempted it, we changed our minds for saftey reasons. We just trotted along the road...or did we?
Kelsey took the lead with her HUGE QH Ben (Ben is a barrel racer). He casually trotted alongside the road...minding his own business. Soleil was next. Tif with her rope halter again...just trotting away, then there's Olly. OMG!! They are gonna leave me, they are trotting ahead of ME!! I must buck, canter in place, throw in a piaffe, and then drop my head and evade the bit to get closer. At one point I had to actually stop him and re-group. Don't get me worng, I love the fact that he has this energy...I just wish he would have used it more constructively. The entire ride was like this. And I could have eliminated all the riff-raff...but he needed to learn that he isn't always first and a small part of me was having fun riding my fire-breathing-dragon ;). We get to this long stretch of beautiful grass and Kelsey warns us she is going to "breeze" down. She picks up a canter and is just in her own world, enjoying her horse. Olly was second in line. He of course was happier that he wasn't last, but still having issues not being first. He did get to canter, legitimately, and was getting to use his energy. Soleil was last. Tif was just cantering along and after about a tenth of a mile Soleil decided he is going to use his TB breeding to just haul ass. Remember he is in a rope halter. I am not kidding you, by the time I realized what happened that horse was a quater mile down the road. He kicked into high gear and was OUT! I totally wish I would had had my Garmin. I yell to Kelsey to stop cantering just as Tif races by. I can see her hanging on and trying everything in her power to slow him before we hit the next cross road. Olly starts freaking out because it's his boyfriend leaving him and I'M freaking out trying to think of what I can do to help. In the end...Soleil comes back to his senses, probably thinking "Oh, shit! My mom is gonna beat my ass!!" and slows to a walk. Now...I HAVE to say this because everyone was thinking it...TIF WEAR YOUR HELMET!!! you never know what is gonna happen. Now, I know I am a bit of a hypocrit, because I didn't wear mine on the swim...but I did have mine on for the crazy rainy day ride.
Once we figured out that we were all alive we walked back to the barn.
We had only been out for like 45 minutes so I went into the arena and set up a jump. Olly, obviously, had some excess energy. 3ft it is. Kelsey, the barrel racer, asked "...ummm...are you ginna jump that?" Yup!! Tif was in on it too, so I handed her the camera. Could the day have gotten any better? Firends, riding and jumping 3ft? I didn't think so...
He popped over the fence and threw me out of the saddle...I had to do it again. After doing it correctly, Tif says, 3'3"...hmmmmm....should I? I didn't even have to think about it. He had cleared that 3ft like it was nothin'. I got off and raised the cups. NOW, this is the first time EVER jumping this high. For me AND Olly. He owned that jump. The second time through he popped over and threw me completely outta the saddle. Kelsey and Tif enjoyed that one. After successfully completing the 3'3", they peer pressured me into 3'6". Don't get me wrong...I soooo wanted to do it, but I didn't want to do something that would mentally hinder our good jumping streak. I circled a few times and Olly seemed like he could jump the moon so I went for it. O.M.G. It ws the best feeling ever! He sailed right over. I had to quit there. I so couldn't ruin that moment. The day HAD gotten better. Amazing! Lucky for all of you Tif had the camera...

OMG! I can't tell you how cool that felt.

Tif and cheerleaders and awesome-est friends!

Tonight, Diesel will be going out for a ride. Olly deserves the day off.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Back at it!

Yesterday Tif text me and asked if we wanted to do some bounces. I was nervous because of Olly leg. Yes, I am still paranoid about it. He never acted like he was in pain and I gave him a month off, so I decided to give it a try. We weren't going to be at it long considering it was so freaking hot out.

Can you believe that?? And it was like 1730??!
By the time I got to the barn Tif had already gotten the jumps set up. I am starting to think she is an over-achiever...
We both sat down at the picnic table just talking, but it seemed more like avoiding saddling our poor horses. Just sitting there made us sweat, what would it be like riding and what would the horses feel like? After a few minutes we peeled ourselves off the seats and got the boys ready. Olly had already been turned out so I had to walk out and get him. Of course, he was at the farthest end of the paddock, in the largest paddock. When I called him, he just looked up as if to say, "what? I think you are calling me, but I am just going to stand here like you didn't." Luckily I had brought a carrot that was left over from dinner. When I got out to where he was (what seemed like 5 miles later) he was already soaked from sweat. He had only been out for like 30 minutes...I was questioning even riding. The worst thing about the large paddock is that there is NO shade. Now, Olly is on night turn out because he gets too hot and sweats profusely. While he is in his stall during the day, he does sweat a bit, but nothing like standing outside.

My poor boy!
While he was tied and being saddled he seemed to feel like he was cooling off. The sweat started to dry and he became perkier. I think it is just too hot to put horses out in the sun like that. Olly doesn't do well. I have to keep a close eye on his sweating/evaporating, or lack thereof.
I skipped the boots and only used over-reaches (bell boots) because of the heat. I don't need those tendons to bake...
In the arena we walk and walk and walk. I was aware of all the humidity. The jumps were low and we were gonna take it slow. I warmed him up with one lap each direction, both trot and canter. With breaks inbetween each set to completely monitor his breathing. I wish I would have brought my Garmin to monitor his heartrate (I have it charging for tonight). We went over two single jumps before tackling the line. Before you watch the video I just want everyone to know that I have like 13 minutes of actual ride time on the videos. We were out in the arena for 90 minutes. That is how many breaks we took to cool the horses to ensure no over-heating. Oh, and one more thing...Tif was cracking me up! She seemed to be attracted to the camera. Situational awareness, Tif, situational awareness! Without further adue....

On the way home I looked down and noticed the temp...remember by now it was 2000 (8pm)...

I should have checked what the temp was after the sun set.

Tonight we are going to do some trotting sets on the hills. Garmin will be charged and the weather is much cooler than yesterday.SCORE! I am sure Olly will be much happier.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Non-BigRedHorse blog...

Today I got up early to head out and do work day at the "full-service" barn of mine. Yes, that was sarcasm. Well, I got to the barn at 0750. Ten minutes early. Tif, was there EARLY! Go girl! We should all take a lesson from her. We got started right away. We quickly figured out that ODR are dumbasses and didn't measure the posts when the cemented them into the ground. We had to measure and cut EVERY SINGLE BOARD before screwing them in. Are you freaking kidding me??!! Genius' I tell ya! So...Tif and I made sure that we were the "motivators" and kept the drive going. We also had some awesome friends that came to help us out...granted they were LATE...but I am totally thankful that they came. We can always use some muscle.
After we placed all the boards, it was time to run the hotwire. Where's the hot wire? Someone forgot to buy it! Ahhhhhh!! Are you kidding me?! I had to untangle this hot mess....

So after I untangled it, Jonathan decided to step in and help me run it. How gracious of him...after I did all the hard work. The guys ran ahead and nailed in all the plastic insulators while I ran the wire. Then came the gates...since Jonathan was afraid of heights (ahahahaha) I the GIRL who was afraid of heights had to climb up and do the job. Jared was nice enough to do the last one.


Jonathan watching from below...Thank you guys for helping!!! :)
After the work day Kelsy and Kim were going to the tattoo shop. I'm in!!! We went home and showered and got goin'!
A few hours later....

My awesomeness taking place...

Finished product.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Did Someone Say Swimmin'??!!

Yesterday, Tif and I decided that we were gonna pass on the breeches and go for shorts and bare feet and head down to the swimmin' hole next to the training areas.
I got to the barn early to muck and then took a short rest on the picnic table while I waited on Tif. It was sooooo hot. Perfect for swimming.
I had been debating on what bridle to use...Tif chose a rope halter with reins. As much as I wanted to choose that too, I just couldn't. The BigRedHorse tends to not see certain things and then freak out. Yesterday he didn't see a, ahem, dumpster...and jumped 5ft to the left. I stayed on and it wasn't THAT big of a deal, but I was glad I had some control. Normally, in an arena, I would have no problem riding him with a halter...I just don't think we are ready for halter-road-swimming yet. I decided to use my pffffft bridle. That would be the bridle I use when we are doing absolutely nothing.

I haven't ridden Olly bareback for a long time. I do enjoy it, but totally forgot how freaking tall his withers are...I think I need to get some beet pulp to fatten him up a bit. Sheesh! His back was killer on my butt!
The way to the river was about a mile. We mosey-ed down onto the beach and I could feel that Olly wanted in. I set out my camera and headed for the water. Just a little FYI..this video is long and kinda

He was cool until he stepped in a hole and then he decided he was going to be a bit more cautious when walking in the water.
It was totally fun being in shorts, no shoes, and shhhhh no helmet. I know, I know!! And Saturday was Helmet awareness day...Shame on me!!!


On he way back to the barn, some random guy decided to, yes, get dressed at the trunk of his car on the side of the road. Yes, you read if that isn't weird enough, he starts talking to Tif as we walk by. Olly wasn't feeling it...he spooked a bit. But this guy was cracking me up. We just started trotting and tried to get the heck outta there. As if freaky clothes guy wasn't bad enough, the biting flies mysteriously appeared and the horses were totally miserable. On top of all that, across the road there was the kid screaming, yes screaming "look mom, right there, right there they are!!!" Over and over again...I mean if his mom DIDN'T know that there were horses walking, trotting by now from the flies, by...she was an idiot. SHUT THAT KID UP!!! Screaming kid+horses=not cool. Finally we made it back to the barn. We cooled out the horses and turned them out.


After turning him out I happened to catch him on video about to get eaten by a was so funny. My poor BigRedHorse!!!

Finally Back Home!

We got back home late last night. I was hoping to get in early enough to go see my BigRedHorse, but it just wasn't happening. First thing this morning I have a few meetings to attend and then it was off to the barn to give my boy some sugar cubes and hugs.
As I walked through the barn door to his little paddock, I call out "hey boy!" He perked up his ears and trotted into his stall whinnying all the way. I love it!!!! I slid the stall door open and there was his huge red head waiting for a hug. I wrapped my arms around him and let him rest on my shoulders. After a few minutes of me NOT letting go he picked up his head, as if to say, "o.k. mom that's enough." I dug in the tack box for some sugar cubes. He LOVES them, and why wouldn't he? I rubbed on him a bit and then it was back to life until his evening.

To make a long story short, I am trying to plan a poker run hosted by the Ft. Eustis Stables. It isn't going well. Losts of resistance. I guess free money just isn't the ODR guy's thing...So, even though this poker run may not be hosted, Tif and I decided to still go out and scout trails. I guess "no" isn't in our vocabulary. I made it back out to the barn around 1800 and went back to Olly's paddock. He was just finishing dinner. I pulled him out and did a full scan of his body. TONS of nicks and scratches! Everytime I walked around him I found a new one. I found out from Tif that Olly and another horse just stand at the back of his paddock and nibble on each other all day. I may just have to run hot wire around his paddock to keep him from looking like a chew toy. I made sure I checked out hisleg. Pretty much it was back to normal. There was a teeny tiny bit of puffiness low in his fet, but nothing I was gonna worry about. We were just walking and trotting today anyway.

How handsome is he??!!
After getting saddled I fired up the GPS and we headed out. We were on a mission for 4-5 miles of trails for the poker run. We ducked in one of the training areas that looked promising. To our surprise they were using the area and we had to turn back. See if the gates to the training areas are closed then we are cool to ride. Today-gates closed...once we got back there, there were tons of trucks and guys just having a blast...and the biting flys were ungodly! So instead we went down the road to the beach and let the boys splash around. Tomorrow I think we are gonna skip the breeches and go for shorts and go for a swim!
On the way back Olly just so happened to notice a huge dumpster, portable toilet and a kite flying. All these things were there on the way, but I guess just weren't that interesting when traveling south...just north.
We made it back to the barn all in one piece. It was such a great ride. I have missed my boy!!!
After turning out the boys into the paddock, I noticed the quarentine stall doors were left open. Ugh...don't you get it people?? I had to close the doors. I walked to the stall and saw this...
A box turtle!

Ahaha! Tif!

I had to take him home to the boys. I put him in the truck on the center counsole thing and he freaking took off!! After a moderate scream, I compiled my thoughts and decided to hold him the whole way home.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Who has an Awesome BigRedHorse??? I DO!!!

I know I am suppose to be on vacation, but I am so proud of my boy, I can't wait until I get home.

I got online this afternoon to check on the FaceBook happenings and saw that one of my friends that I went to the Lucinda Green clinic posted a link on her page from Horse Talk Magazine. She recently wrote an artcle and submitted it. I knew that she took pictures of everyone that attened the clinic, but by no means did I think that we would ever be in the article. There were so many other horses that were way more advanced than Olly and I. I just kinda shoved it out of my mind. I did, however, get the copies of all the awesome pics she took.
So, back to the magazine...I go to the link to check it out and son-of-a-monkey!!! On page 20 there is a picture of Olly and I coming out of the water jump! I cannot explain how cool it is. I mean I know that I have an awesome horse....but now the whole state of Va knows too. Not only did we get a picture, but we got a whole paragraph about us. My boy is a STAR!! Next thing you know he will be on TV (lol)!!! I have attached the link so EVERYONE can read....And I know you will!