Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good Memory

I went out to ride Olly yesterday. It was finally sunny. I dug out his French link D-ring. the plan was to do some transitions and maybe lead changes if he was cooperating. the elevator is good for brakes, but no so good for bending. I also made sure to grab his open front boots and bells.

I have kind of let the BRH just get used to me being on him again over the past few rides. Just some long hacks and a a few breezes in the downed corn fields. He seems to be telling me that he isn't as out of shape as I think. Last weekend we went on a 4.5 mile hack and although he was ready to go home, he could have gone further.
Since he has showed me he wants to work and is willing to put all of his BRH effort into our rides already, we did arena work.
We stared out with just warming up at a walk. A few laps each direction and then did medium size circles at each corner. Olly was less than thrilled with this. I could see and feel how bored he was. I gathered up the reins and said "trot-trot!" He instantly picked up a trot. I know that his muscle tone is almost nothing after being off for almost a year, so I made sure to give him breaks. We trotted around the arena until he would give me his head and hold it for a few strides. It felt so good to feel his hind end reach under and him flex his back. After twice around the arena I started doing the circles at each corner. He had to focus more. He was moving at a fast speed and I was making him use himself more. He did well. We reversed. His right was a bit more sloppy than his left, but that is normal to have to work harder on the right side for him. We focused on the little things. Bending, but not over bending. Clean, round circles and an even steady pace. The only thing he had issues with was holding his collection for more than a half of a lap, which I am totally ok with.
The next step was cantering. Normally, I would have waited, but he was doing so well. I gave him a few turns around the arena to recover from the trotting circles. He wanted to slow his pace and look around, which is ok, but now is time to work. I pushed him into a good swinging walk on a long rein.
After our recover laps, I  gathered the reins and asked him for a canter. He felt like he was going to pick it up from a walk, but he dropped to his forhand and broke. I know at certain times that you need to transition from a trot to a canter, but I wanted to see if he would collect enough to go from a walk to a canter. We tried it a few more times. His focus was slipping. He was noticing more things, like the hunter walking in the field and the wind blowing the trees and bushes. I stopped in the middle of the arena and picked up a short lunge whip, it hardly had a tail. I hopped back on and carried it on my left side (to aide the right). Just by having it I could feel his back shorten and his hind end start working more efficently.
Since I have attended the Lucinda Green clinic in 2010, I have carried a crop or a whip. Just by having it does wonders.
I had the whip on my left side, just in front of my knee. I let him do one lap of a free walk, just so he knew that I wasn't using the whip as a punishment. I gathered the reins again, made sure he was slightly bent to the right, left heel and pushed him into his right lead. He held the collection for a few strides and then I felt him starting to fall on his shoulder again. I instantly squeezed and bent him into a circle. We circled a tidge larger than a medium, but it helped him control his speed and push under himself at the same time. We continued around the arena and at the next corner we turned to the diagonal. I had to use a lot of leg almost exaggerating my aids to help him. We prepared for the simple change. I broke him to a trot and asked for the left lead. It took more than two strides for him to pick up a canter, but he did get the correct lead. However, he dropped his shoulder when he turned. No Bueno. We repeated the drill a few more times. I alternated leads and corners just so he wouldn't anticipate. By the time we had completed about 5 more tries, he was knocking out the leads almost perfect. I had given him a few breaks in between, just to make sure he wasn't over working his muscles, or lack of muscles. I was completely satisfied with his effort and output. He gave 100% .

This weekend I will be taking my camera and doing a transition video for my Ft. Eustis horsey friend Maddi. She has a nine year old OTTB named Robelina, that she is wanting to jump with. Robbi has been out to pasture for quite some time and is needing some extra work.

Maddi and her OTTB Robbi

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Chirstmas From the BigRedHorse

Merry Christmas! Today I went out to see Olly. Normally, I take him an apple or some carrots. Today I took him a candy cane. I walked up to the fence and called "hey BRH!!" He neighed and started towards me. I met him in the middle of the paddock. I put his halter on, took a few pictures and gave him his candy cane, which by the way he refused to eat. "Mom, how am I suppose to get into shape when you're feeding me candy canes??!!"
 You can see his excitement...

I was totally not dressed to ride. I just wanted to give him a hug. I had UGGs and legwarmers on, but decided to throw the lead rope over his neck and swing on. There is a small arena where I board him. It's slightly larger than a round pen. I could do like MAYBE two jumps in it, but that would be tight.

I hopped on and walked a few laps both ways. Trot. At first he had a nice easy to sit trot. We went both directions. After a few laps it started getting faster, he wanted to go. good time to work on the sitting trot, I let him go at his pace. I brought him back down to a walk and gathered him up, as much as you can in a halter and lead, and asked for a canter. It took two strides to get there, but after not being ridden for so long, I let it go. We cantered around one lap and I brought him to a walk to reverse.
To the left was even better, but that is expected...he is left handed like his mom. I brought him to a trot for a lap, broke to a walk and picked up the right lead. After two laps I thought simple change in the middle. Now, this arena is small. No, SMALL. As big as his stride is he will only have say three strides to make the change. I was trying it anyway. We were on the right lead, turned diagonally and broke to a trot for the simple change. I sat three strides and cued for the left. Boom. Left lead and we're done. I was thrilled!! I let him canter on for a few strides and let him walk. Next thought? Yup, flying change.
This time, I gathered the, well, reins or lead and asked him to use his back a bit. He understood what I was asking, but the effort was minimal when riding bareback with a halter. I decided to set him up for success and asked for the right lead. He changes to the left easier. One lap around to the right and I turned. I changed his bend and one stride before we needed to change he picked up his left shoulder, changed and continued on his left lead. I was so ecstatic!!! I gave him lots of pats and hugs. He's not as rusty as I thought. I only rode for a like 15-20 minutes and ended on that good note. I hopped off and let him eat some grass. Tomorrow i don't have to work, we will be doing some more arena work and then a good hack. I need to find some small little logs to pop over.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


As you know, the BigRedHorse and I have been separated for almost a year now. I recently moved him to my hometown in Indiana. There was good reason for this. I have relocated. I made it to town late Saturday (26Nov) night and went to visit my BRH the next morning. I was unable to ride him BC it was FREAKING FREEZING outside and rainy.

I did return a few days later to climb aboard the fire breathing dragon.  I searched for all the tack that has been packed away and remember all the good times that was associated with it. I knew that this would be a short ride BC of how out of shape he would be, but I didn't care. To feel him under me would for just a few minutes would be all worth it.

I decided it would be wise to use the elevator since it would be his first ride with me in almost a year. I would probably need some brakes.

I took my time brushing and saddling him. It was like I had never left. He was behaved and polite. He enjoyed the rub down. I made a mental note to buzz the mane off ASAP. As I was finishing brushing him I inspected his tail. For those of you who know me and my tail fetishes--you may want to sit down. I knew and prepared myself for a tangled mess, what I didn't prepare myself for is a knotted rats nest.

I almost fell over and had a heart attack. My artwork that I had worked so hard on for years to grow out and bang. The beautiful glossy tail that was a masterpiece was now a bundled, knotted ball of protein. I slowly backed away and tried not to look back. I will be investing in some sort of lubricant (WD40, I was advised) to fix this problem on the next half-way decent warm day.

After I got over the mess we will refer to as "the embarrassment" I put his bridle on and attempted to get on. I say attempted BC the BRH seem to have forgotten that we stand still for mom to get on. No worries....he was quickly reminded.

I was prepared. I fully expected him to be the fire breathing dragon with bucking on the first ride. To my surprise he wasn't. We walked and talked about the past year, filling in the blanks. It felt great to feel his feet move under me, I could feel his muscles work. I could feel his back engage and disengage. I could definitely tell he was out of shape, but Olly seemed to think otherwise. It was almost like he wanted to pick up where we had left off. I could feel the want.
I asked him for a trot. He picked it up with ease, but easily fell out of form. I didn't worry about it, I was just happy to be near him again. We trotted for about a 100 yards before the BRH started to snort and cough. And I realized that my posting was a bit tiring too.We broke to a walk. I let him recover, which was a lot faster than I had expected. I didn't have my GPS with me, but I will be charging it. We have a lot of work to do. After recovering I wanted to see how the canter was. The que's were a bit rusty, but he did get the correct lead. It only took about 5 strides before he was pulling on the bit. I resisted to let him go. We were on a safe sandy drive, but the first ride in almost a year, not the smartest thing. I was however, completely surprised that he didn't buck what-so-ever. I whoa-ed him to a walk and we turned around to head back.

Looking down the lane on the way home he started to get excited. Ears perked and feet barely touching the ground. I kept telling him he would be sore tomorrow if he didn't relax, but he wouldn't listen. I let him do another canter set, recover and then a trot set. He seemed content as did I. It was great to be with him again.
We made it back to the barn. Our ride was only about 20 minutes, but I didn't want to push too much. It was more about being with him, than actually doing anything. I think I spent longer brushing him and talking to him than I did riding him. I missed him more than I even realized.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

Last Thanksgiving I was forced to deal with THE biggest decision of my life. My marriage, or the lack thereof. It has been one year today that I have been separated from my soon-to-be-ex-husband. I can't even start to explain all that I have gone through. No one reading this has the time. All I can say is that it was not his decision, it was mine and he made that completely understood through his behavior. I have lost just about everything that I love and although this isn't the end, I still have a lot to be thankful for.

I am thankful first and foremost, that God never left my side, even when it felt like I couldn't carry on.

I am thankful for my boys. They are now in Hawaii (as of 26Aug) with their father, but I talk to them almost everyday and I miss and love them with every ache and beat of my heart.
 They are my world.

I am thankful for my BRH. We have been apart almost a year and I can't wait to hug the ever loving crap out of him the next time I see him.

I am thankful for all my friends and family that have been my support system and have witnessed me at my utmost worst--and they are still my friends. Family, you have no choice.....
My sis and I
Lastly, I am thankful for my life. There were days when I really did believe that it was limited.
I don't even have an explanation, I'm just me.

No matter the past, what was said or done and the future, I am truly thankful for all that I have experience and the people that experienced it with me. I have been tested and tried and am still the person I have been, just a little stronger and maybe a little less tolerant. I am thankful for all of it.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Heyyyyyyy BRH!!!!!!!

I am so excited about this that I have no introduction, I just have to say it! The BRH is in my home town, so all I have to do is go visit and I get to see him. I get to ride him. I'm one more step closer to having him near me. My mom was so gracious as to go see him and take pictures of him. Now, remember that he has been to pasture for almost a year. That's right, it's been almost a year. Scary.
Hey, kid what I need to know is, what do YOU have for ME?

The first thing I thought when I saw the text come in was HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THAT MANE!!!! Then, I said WHO CARE'S!!?? That's my BRH!!!
 Rockin' the JollyRoger halter...

I miss him so much and right now he would do me some good. Funny how all the things in my life that mean anything to me are male. Now, that is scary. I have decided to purposely ignore the little "male" tid-bit and move on.
After blinking away the tears, I start to evaluate what his condition is. Not like "bad" condition, like "outta shape" condition. He has lost a years worth of muscle.
 Can't wait to get on him and whip that into shape!!! 

When I took him to his temporary home he was a fit as he ever was, jumped as high as he ever did and was a sound (mentally, that is) as he ever was. I'm curious to see how he is. He is a TB ya, know. According to my mom, he's doing quite well. She even had a teary-eyed melt down. That's the kind of effect the BRH has on people. You can't help but love him.
Grandma Gracie (my mom) with the BRH. Such a good grandma!!!!

I have so many plans for the BRH, I just have to get him near me. His mane and tail, OMGosh, his tail. You know how anal I am about his tail. I'm actually scared to even look at it. I'm sure he hasn't had a tail bag on it and there were rumors of cockle burrs. I just might scream. Maybe Grandma Gracie can do some grooming for me before I explode. 
I wish I were there to be able to love and hug on him, to give him the care that I want. Soon BRH, soon. I promise.

I hope to have some pictures of him soon that I have taken. Ill keep y'all updated.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Playing Jockey

So, since I don't really have the BigRedHorse to write about, I thought I would write about my horsey experiences while he is away.
I was at work one Saturday and was on Craigslist-go figure-looking for inexpensive places to board the BRH. While scrolling I saw an ad for an exercise rider. I instantly emailed the lady. I had experience riding, but how do you prove that? Well, YouTube and I attached my blog site and my channel on YouTube. Not in my wildest dreams did I think the BRH would land me a paying position to ride. YES. I GOT PAID TO RIDE. It still shocks me. Anyway, The next morning Leanne emailed me and asked if I could come interview. Hell, yes! I drove to her house and found 7 race horses in her back yard. She has a 3/8mile sand track running through her woods. This is cool. The first horse I rode was the pony horse, appropriately named, Pony. It was the first time I had ridden in a racing saddle. It's like, just sturrips. That's it. I kept thinking that there was a reason that this chick had me come out and a stinking saddle wasn't going to get in the way of me getting this job. She kind of looked at me like I was crazy when I started posting. Well what do you expect from an eventer? She's lucky I wasn't rocking a sitting trot. We picked up a canter and here I am half sitting in the saddle. GET OFF HIS BACK! Ok! Ok! Sheesh. I wasn't getting this job. I watched everything she did. Forget two point. My sturrips were shorter than any cross country rider would have. When I got out of the saddle, my knees were well above the knees rolls, or where the knee rolls should have been. I felt top heavy, forward. Not what the practicing dressage ridier is used to. My mind couldn't help but think of all the bad things that could happen at a damn-near gallop riding so far forward. These horses don't really canter. The gallop slow, but don't canter. Upper body forward,  arms low and still, ass in the air and rocked back for balance and for Pete's sake HEELS DOWN. I pushed all my weight, as far as I could, into those heels. After a few laps-and remember I am still on the Pony-I knew I had a new respect for jockeys.
Next, time for a real race horse. I'm not going to lie...I was nervous, but the false confidence that I always exude was there. Leanne grabs my left leg and slings my silly butt up on Red. He was calm and not cooky like the ones you see on tv. She explains to me how as soon as you are on the horse you need to be "tied-on." Ok, the last ting I want is to be "tied-on" to a race horse. To her tied-on is ready to go. Reins, sturrips and ride on. I called out "tied-on!" She unclips his bridle from the lead and says make 3 turns at a progessive pace. Ok. I got this! One turn (lap) at a "canter" and pick up the pace each turn ending in a steady gallop. Well, I soon found out Red makes his first turn slow and steady and then the rest of the turns you can piss off. He has his own plans. I thought to myself, I better not have a horse run away from me. And then a split second later rationalized with, all I have to do is stay on and keep myself in control. See the biggest thing I learned is that these race horses don't give a crap about what you want. They want to go. It's all a mind game. They don't whoa, they don't leg yield and they sure don't rein well. How do you control them then? Well you kinda have to think what you want them to do. And they actually do it. True Story. You will lose if you try to muscle them. Needless to say, I made the three turns, at the correct pace, while staying on and loved it.

The Race Horses:


Red is a 6 year old TB gelding. I would say he is about 15.2-3 and has absolutely no markings what so ever. He is, well, Red. He is well into racing. He knows what he is suppose to do when he is out and doesn't have time for the little stuff. He was the first "racer" she (Leanne) let me ride. He pulls a bit, but is manageable. He makes his first turn at a slow pace and then the mind games start to keep him controlled throughout the rest of the ride. I give him 8 out of 10.


Woody is a four year old gelding who reminds me of the buzzard on the Saturday morning cartoons. Not a care in the world. I don't think he really gets the racing yet. He is like a 3 year old child, he needs lots of encouragement and a crop. I wondered at first if he would even race, but as I started riding him everyday I realzied that he really needed to trust me. Once we trusted each other (after about a week) he picked up the pace and I think he will do well. Plus, I think he will do better at the longer races, not the sprinting type races.

And Elissa

Curly is a four year old gelding who is smooth as butter. He is gorgous and despite his smaller size is a power house. The first time I rode him we did three turns-one mile-and after the second turn when we picked up the pace, he started having breathing issues. He was sucking wind and couldn't fix it. Leanne ended up having to tie his tounge to fix the problem.


We are friends now.

Oh, Herc. Herc is the 16.1-2 four year old stud that threw me the first day I rode him. The stories I have of this horse. He is massive, gorgous and re-freaking-diculous!! He reminds me of a frat boy that is girl crazy. He can focus for short periods of time and needs constant attention to remind him what he is here to do...just like a frat boy.  He is always ponied for a few laps first because he is just that silly. After 2-3 laps Leanne says get tied on. I push a bucket up to him and get ready to get on. Now, remember I have never ridden a stud before, but I have riddin young horses. I applied all I knew. I lifted my leg and slide my foot into the iron. I was trying to move fast, but slow. Ya, know how you move with the young horses...I put all my weight into my hand on the pommel and made sure I had the reins and lowered myself into the saddle. Well, I should say I lowered myself onto the pommel where my hand was becasue this dude flipped. He reared, then bucked, then reared (this is where I attempted a lame dismount off the right side). He continued to repeat his pattern while I scuttled my silly self out of the way on my ass. I am just not good a sitting bucking. Rearing I can do, but bucking just sucks. I stand up nd instantly feel that my knee is going to be an issue. How did I know? Well, it didn't work. lol I hobbled to the bucket while Leanne took Herc for a few more turns. I did a little self-talk because I knew as soon as she rounded the corner it was round two and got my mind together. Accept it. You will probably get dumped again. After a few deep breaths, I told my self I'll be damned if this horse dumps me again, today or anyother day. I sang a few lines to a Taylor Swift song and she rounded the corner. "Ready?!" She called out. In my mind I pictured the scene in Ice Age, where Sid the sloth decideds that he is going to take the caveman baby back to his "herd" himself. He then looks up at the huge wall of rock he will have to tackle and mumbles "I'm gonna die...." That's basically how I felt. I was gonna do it, but in my mind I thought I was gonna die lol. So I walk over to this horse that now looks even bigger and step up on the bucket and repeat the same steps I did not 5 minutes ago. He bunny hopped and I instantly kicked the shit outta his ass to move him forward and told him to get up in the most angry voice I could, which was easy because I was kinda pissy. Leanne made a good judgement call by still keeping the pony. We rode three turns and by the time we were done, Herc was calm-er and my knuckles were white from grabbing mane. My knee didn't hurt it just felt like rubber. Like my tendons and ligaments were stretched to the max. The pain would set in this evening.
The next day, I dreaded riding Herc, because I knew that it was going to be a repeat of yesterday. The funny thing is this horse has raced before! And this is his behavior. We did the normal 2-3 turns with the pony horse and I got on. No rearing or bucking. Better than yesterday. We did 2 turns with the pony horse and Leanne said tied on? I said yup! Here we go! We galloped 3 strides and this big ass grabbed the bit, tucked his head and bucked like he was a bull in the PBR. What seemed like 5 minutes of bucking was only about 100 yards. Honestly, I have no idea how I stayed on. I had my left hand on the reins my right hand *trying* to grab the reins to help pull his head up and my feet and legs were so far forward my knees were strainght and across his shoulders. I felt like I was in the rodeo. BUT I stayed on! And that is all that mattered. I won. As soon as I got him stopped I bitched him out (verbally) and got the hell off. I needed to get my adrenaline back to normal levels. As I fixed the saddle-which the cantle was almost to his withers-my hands were shaking. I then started singing again. Saddle fixed-me back on. This is our entire relationship. After a week the bucking stopped. But I still rode defensively.


Sierra is a four year old TB mare. She is crazy. This chic will do what ever she wants when ever she a gallop, with no warning. She spooks at things that are not there and flips out at stuff that is there. She weaves on the track and changes leads at the wrong time. She is spindle-y and choppy. BUT I like her. She is my favorite. The first time I rode her we went one turn and as we were making our second, she decided to jump the ditch and try to turn around-at a gallop. This is something trainers frown upon. I had Leanne get the crop. Next time she would get a spanking. That was the only time that she tried this stunt. I think the crop helped, but the biggest thing is that I switch techniques with each horse. 7 horses, 7 different rides.


Penny is damn near a pony. She's a twin. She is fast and all business. All you have to do is hold on. She isn't spooky and she knows what to do and how to do it. She is Red's full sister. She has no markings just like him. It is hard for me to ride her being so tall. When we gallop I am almost at her ears, which is kinda good because Penny knows english well. You can ride her just by talking to her. I really think she talks after we leave. And I think I throw off her balance. I have to accomodate her leads with my weight around the turns.


Lucy is the one I will be putting my money on for sure. She is more than just business. She is the horse you see on tv. Get on and go. No games. No waiting to get your thoughts together, just go. I didn't get to ride her until three weeks in and I totally understand why. This chic is tough. Background: we don't run the horses all out...but that is all the horses want to do. How do you meet in the middle? Well it's different for each horse, some don't mind working slower (Woody, Curly, Herc) others want to go but will let you rationalize with them (Penny, Red, Sierra). Then there's Lucy. She takes the first turn like a western pleasure rocking horse. Once she see's the begining of the new turn it's piss off. It takes all I have to hold her. I prepare for her speed increase on turn two, at turn one. It's all mental. I sit still and literally think about how she will be steady and collected. It works most of the time. She is a hang on and let her do her job type of gal.

So those are all the horses I have ridden in the past couple months. I have gained alot of muscle and knowledge.

I went to the track Wednesday after work to watch Red race his first race this season. I missed the race by 2 minutes, but when I walked in, I looked up and saw him in the winners circle. That was a great feeling. Next race is Wednesday. I'm hustling from work-in my dress, heels and hat this time ;) to watch Penny, Hurc and Lucy run. Can't.Wait.

Oh, and I wanted to add a picture of a future jockey....

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Long time no blog.....

Yes!! I am still alive and so is the BRH.
First a life update...don't worry I'll make it quick. I just recently moved out of my friends house and have my own apartment, in a not so prominent neighborhood. But it IS home and I pay for it with my own paycheck. I also have bought my own car, again it's not my 2009 Dodge Ram, but it feels good to have MY own things. I will take it!! I still am waiting on the custody of my boys. One more month. I see them all the time, but it's not the same. I want them ALL the time. I picked up a second job, which most of you know about, riding/training race horses. They run locally here in Williamsburg, Va. The first night I rode, I got thrown by a 4yo stud. He's huge and likes to buck and rear. Classic. I had never ridden a stud before so this was a new experience to me. Can you say defensive riding anyone?? After three weeks of swelling/pain in my knee from the fall I got x-rays...nothing, just sprained. I was advised to not ride--yeah--right. My knee is still sore occasionally, but you know how that goes.

Herc, right before he threw me.


Sierra (CB-Crazy Bitch lol)
Sierra is my favorite. She is unpredictable and fast. You always have to be on your guard and ride her like you stole her. Her heart is in the game, I think one day she would be a great show jumper, but for now she races. I am hoping that by the time her racing career is over I will be able to afford her. That is how much I like her.

I love riding the horses. Just one more thing to add to my list of disciplines.
Barrel Racing

Now to the part y'all want to hear the BRH!!!
He is still in Indiana, I am hoping to make plans soon to get him here. Money is always the issue. He lost his boyfriend about a month ago due to a bad bacterial infection from stepping on a nail. I don't know the details, but the nail ended up penetrating the bone and just got worse from there. Kelsey was devastated and went home to visit. I stayed. She did ride the bucking-yes, that's right, bucking-BRH. He is huge and sassy. We found out that he doesn't necessarily befriend all theses horses he is attached to. He more like bully's them. YES! Can you believe it? The loving, sweet, caring BRH. Chris, Kelsey's mom, has to fend him off with a broom when he is in the stall. I think the BRH needs an ass whoopin'. Here is the BigRedHorse fat and happy.


Ben in the background

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The ColdFatHorse

This just in...a BigRedHorse update. The huge Midwest Blizzard seem to have missed the BRH. He is the luckiest horse in the world. My Mom lives just three hours north of where he is being kept and shoveled 18" of snow in one day. The temp were in the negatives. FAIL.

Mom's car. Nice.

Grandma's house

Mom's back porch...sad, just sad.

The same day we were enjoying 69* temps. I'd like to day I wasn't rubbing it in, but I'd kinda be lying. Don't worry the very next day it was a high of 38*, God keeps my cockiness in check....

Don't worry the "messege" is due to a tire sensor. I have it handled.

I miss my BigRedHorse so much. I keep watching and re-watching our videos on YouTube thinking of how much fun it will be to work on our fitness when we reuinte. You know I am gonna be out of shape too.
I went with a friend to her barn last weekend to ride her horse. He is a great all around, dead broke Arab that anyone can ride. I made a few rounds and let the boys ride too. We ended up working with another pony at the barn, which I swear is a Halflingr, but she said he is a Corolla pony. She said he was removed from his herd becasue he was too fiendly and it was causing problems with him and innocent bystanders lol. She has been working with him doing ground work and hadn't been on his back. What time better, than the present? Get on!!! We saddled him up and threw a rope halter on him and started lunging. A few times around each way. He is still rusty. He's four and very immature. After he was calm she hopped on. NOTHING. Good boy!!!!

PenniLynn and I can't remember his name for the life of me.

Who bets money he's a halflinger?? Anyone??
Oh, and FYI she is only 5 foot NOTHING!!!

I lead and she sat. Just walking of course. He did great. My boys were playing on a nearby playground and it didn't even phase him. He has pretty good conformation, not excellent, but good enough for him to do lower level Dressage and maybe even some jumping. I wish I were smaller so I could work with him and show him. He has such a great attitude. Now, mind you, he is a pony, so I expect a bit of attitude surfacing at some point. Saturday, the attitude was surpressed, I suspect mainly to confusion. WTH is this person doing on my back?? Wait until we actually ask him to work. Hehehe. I can't wait.

It was nice to be around horses again. It made me happy to see them, smell them ,and touch them. It's in my blood. BUT nothing will fill the void of my BigRedHorse.
I leave March 28th. I won't be able to see my boy before I leave for six months. I do, however, intend on bringing him wherever I am A.S.A.P. I just want to hug him.