Sunday, June 17, 2012


Last weekend on a last minute whim, I decided to hitch a ride with Shana, the BO, to a show. It was nothing but English and Western Pleasure, but I thought it would be fun to just get out. It is always a new experience to go to different types of shows, just because the English/Western pleasure horses are extremely different than Olly. First off, as we all know, the BRH is a TB not a QH. That generally means we get pushed to last place and have to work our way up to the ribbons. Then after one lap and passing, oh Idk, EVERY horse in the arena, we remain in last place. We entered in two classes. English Pleasure and English Equitation. For all of you that do the English Pleasure stuff, I commend you, because I couldn't do it as a discipline. I find it a bit boring and unchallenging. It is just not for the BRH and I. We didn't even place in the English pleasure class. We were on the wrong lead, which is just baffling how we did that, but we just failed miserably.
The Eq class had a pattern, our only hope for placing. We basically looked at is like a dressage pattern, but as slow and loose-reined as possible.
I tried finding the actual pattern but I think I pitched it. So, I decided to draw the pattern for you.

We accomplished the pattern, not the slowest but we were half way collected and placed 5th out of like 9.
I don't have a video of the class. :(

This weekend it stormed like crazy, but that didn't stop us from going to the barn and riding. I packed all three kids and Benni in the car and we were off to go play in the mud. THAT I do have a video of.

I apologize for the length of the video, I edited it on my mom's computer and the software shut down (grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!) So I just added a few captions and saved it like that. Next time, I will use my computer and have a shorter more edited video.

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  1. HOLY wetness!! Your bite size white dog is the mud is hilarious. Yay for Olly ears :)