Sunday, June 3, 2012

Padded Room? Coming Right Up!!!

So, I have been MIA lately. And for many reasons, some good, some bad.
Here's the run down:
One week out of the blue, Summer's Eve just up and text me saying he would be sending the boys to Indiana (from Hawaii) in a week. Just a month and a half before his decision, I was in a court room, yet again, fighting for custody. I have no idea why he is making thing everything so difficult. I just chalk it up to his stupidity, which is, a lot.
Anywho, one week later, 18Apr, I was sitting at O'hare airport awaiting the flight of my life. At that point in time, I hadn't seen my boys in eight months. **tear**
One of the happiest days of my life. I had just ended a crappy job and just in time to spend all my time with the boys. I enrolled them in school, even though they would only have 7 weeks left in the year, and began to repair all that was instilled in Hawaii...

One of my non-horsey days...

The following weekend we made a trip out to see the BRH. Colton wanted to ride. I threw Shana's western saddle on him and we hopped on. Olly was stoked and ready to go. Colton opted to pass until we got the "hops" (bucking, as it's normally called) worked out. His weight was back to where it should be and his energy/attitude level was more than what any horse would ever need. Yup, he was ready to be put back to work. Until....
That Monday. I got a phone call from Shana (the BO) telling me I needed to head to the barn ASAP. Olly had decided to roll...into the fence. Yes, he ROLLED INTO THE FENCE. A three wired fence. Just a standard fence. He has about a half an acre to roam in, all to himself. He has a stall/run in (stud size) with friends to talk to. There is no reason why he should have any issues. BUT, in true BRH fashion he could injure himself in a padded room.
Now, I am not sure how he did it exactly, the BO was not home from 9:30-1:30. When she returned, he came running up to the fence like nothing was wrong--except that he was bleeding. A LOT. I grabbed the boys from school early and headed to the barn. I got there at about 2:45p. He was stiff and looked like he had tried to rip his leg off. PANIC. I choked back the tears, and started evaluating. First instinct-VET. I text my vet friend and she checked out the pics the best she could. She advised suturing. Now--from here on out--I am not asking  for advice of others. I have consulted a vet and with my own knowledge have decided to do, what I thought was best. That being said, this is what I did.
I did not opt to suture the laceration. Why? Because it was right below the joint. If it would have been sutured it probably wouldn't have drained well, possibly abscessing or tearing out the sutures altogether. I grabbed the first aid kit with the betadine scrub and cleaned it up. The laceration was only superficial and was already swollen. He needed some antibiotics and pain meds. All I had was bute-powder form. Olly was already having eating issues, so I rummaged for some Banamine. The BO had some left over from another horse, that was no longer there. I headed out to get some antibiotics, and wound dressing. I knew that it was a great risk, but I really thought this was the best solution.
Every day for the next week and a half I went out to the barn to give the banamine (for 5 days), antibiotics and cold hose twice a day. I cleaned and dressed his injury. He never really was lame. He was sore, but not lame. After the first few days there was swelling, but it was minimal. I decided to leave him turned out and unbandaged. Again, please no judging on the treatment. I know how rough it sounds, but I really did think this was the best.
After two weeks he was trotting around like it w as nothing. The only thing I was really worried about was the granulation tissue that might form. After doing some research, I found this great product. Schreiners Herbal Solution. After reading about the herbs that it contains, and the process in which it works, I decided to give it a try. Now, I didn't start treating with it until the antibiotics were finished. Initially I used Horseman's Dream Vet Cream, to keep it soft and covered. Here is the website if you are interested.

Tomorrow it will be six weeks post injury. I decided that because of his attitude and how well he is healing, he would be ok for a ride. Nothing big, just a few times around the arena. We rode about 25-30 minutes. This isn't the first ride, I have been on him twice before, once bareback and once with a saddle, but nothing but walking, 5 minutes each time.
I do not have a picture of his leg from today, but I will get one the next time I am out. I do, however, have one from a few (almost 3) weeks ago.
Yucky, yet healing.

This was Wednesday of this past week, Olly is just thrilled with Benni...

Here is a video from today, there is minimal swelling just below his right hock (where the actual injury is).

I didn't get the bucking on video. :(

Travis, my non-rider. He's pretty damn good!


  1. Anonymous3/6/12 19:27

    OUCH!!!! Glad he's back to work!! He looks great :) Awwww, he was being so sweet with Travis too.

  2. Benni's lucky he's cute 'cause he's kinda weird. ;)
    The flies look awful down there. not cool.

  3. It's the hug biting flies. And Olly is sooooo buggy. He freaks himself out with his tail.

  4. Yuck on that cut but at least he did it when you were around so you could fix it! ;)
    I love how great Travis did with him, and how well Olly listened.